Inspiring Children with Enquiring Minds

About Us

We are GenieBubble - we love to share our story. We strongly believe that there are world class educational resources available to every child, to help them find their own interest and flourish. We believe those resources should be easy to find.

“GenieBubble gave my kids exactly the resources they needed to survive lockdown”

Charlotte Smith

Our Story

We are a husband and wife team, with a 6 year old daughter, and 18 month old dog. During the early part of lockdown in the UK, both parents were working from home (not unusual), attempting to maintain some sort of school at home (exceptional circumstances repeated round the UK if not round the globe) for our daughter.

The Problem

We had many many links of information sent to us, from many different sources. The links were generic, applicable to all kids, of varying age some of them contained some amazing content (and some, not so great). The skill was to find the great content relevant to your child. Mummy was not so good at finding stuff. In her defence she was working and attempting to school-at-home. The household was self-isolating due to a cough so we were also trying to secure a delivery slot for a supermarket to get some shopping (including loo roll)!

The skill was to find great content relevant to your child.

There Must Be a Better Way

Mummy became a bit overwhelmed (probably with lots of things). She threw her hands into the air thinking there must be a better way than to send a list of links. So much great content, from some great organisations was being made available. But she just wanted a simple recommendation to give her some guilt-free time whilst her daughter was learning something she was interested in mainly so that she could do some work and perhaps search again for a supermarket delivery slot.

The Solution

At the same time, daddy a business coach, was supporting his business clients as well as our broader community. To his clients and others he was highlighting funding from Innovate UK that was available for new business ideas. Mummy in a moment of pure frustration submitted an application to Innovate UK, outlining a solution to her frustration. It described a better way of finding recommended world class content from Great British institutions. Innovate UK agreed with mummy and daddy there should be a better way. GenieBubble was born. In the garden. Our daughter chose the name with a giggle which still makes us smile.

Our Team

Angus Lyon

Business Coach

Angus is a business coach, a licenced ActionCOACH.  He works with businesses of all sizes to grow.  He especially enjoys working with business owners who are keen to breakthrough £1 million pound turnover. Angus is a passionate advocate of business.  He also loves technology and business strategy.  Last but not least, he’s a dad, and loves nothing more than making things with his daughter.

Suzanne Hazelton

Positive Psychologist, Coach & Author: Great Days at Work (Kogan Page)

Suzanne’s passion is enabling others through coaching.  Suzanne has been lucky enough to be able to work part-time, since her time as an employee at IBM. 

As a mother she’s interested in education – but is also interested in giving her daughter a range of opportunities and letting her follow her interests.  As a positive psychologist, Suzanne’s keen to share the tools of well-being and happiness.  These tools have come in pretty handy during a lockdown (or two).

Cute Fact:

Suzanne and Angus got married in 2014 – but met about 4 years before that on an internet dating site.