Great, thank you, we’re always on the look out for great content and we simply LOVE it when something is RECOMMENDED to us. There are a couple of ways you can submit content. Firstly it’s using the CONTENT SUBMISSION button.  It’s fairly straightforward but we do appreciate a few bits of information, so if you don’t have the 5 minutes to do that or it looks a bit of a palava, our Genie can do this for you, please send the link and a few words about why you think it should be included: genie@geniebubble.org

Aargh! We don’t like that happening either. First, let me say sorry. We do our very best to ensure the links are working, but just occasionally something changes the back end. We’re not always kept informed of all of the techie changes that the providers of our content are making. Please do let our Genie know and we can update the link for you: genie@geniebubble.org

Ooh, thank you.  Would you mind taking a minute to email the Genie genie@geniebubble.org we’ll take a look and see what we can find.  If you have something in mind you can send us the link.

Yes!  We use an external GDPR consultancy to help us to ensure that the GenieBubble site and all data is compliant.  We are aware that the links take you to other organisations but the criteria we have for listing a business means those organisations are trusted.  As a carer it is worth keeping a check on the content your child is looking at.